What We Offer

Learn the Nordic Walking Technique

Using the INWA 10 Step Teaching Method™. Sue will teach you the technique of Nordic Walking. Let’s build a Nordic Walking community in Exeter.

One to One Course

Two 1.5 hour one-to-one sessions learning the INWA 10 steps. Booked over two weeks. Learn the technique then join our small group walks following Government guidance. This course will take place in King George V Playing Fields, off Topsham Road, Exeter.

  • Cost £45 (pole hire included) over the two weeks
  • Online booking required
  • PARQ form completed by new and returning clients
  • View a video of King George V Playing Fields
Learn to Nordic Walk in Exeter
  • Sessions will be 1 : 1 following Government guidance
  • Social distancing will be observed during the session following Government guidelines
  • All paperwork completed online and/or sent through the post
  • Payments made electronically please.
  • Poles will be allocated on the first session and kept by the participant until after the completion of the second session. Cleaning will take place following Government guidance.
  • Antibacterial hand sanitiser will be available, please bring your own.
  • Tissues available and offered to participants to have in their pocket, please bring your own.
  • Session will be postponed if the participant or Sue Holden feels unwell – following household government guidelines. Return of the poles will be arranged following Government guidelines

Small Group Walk

Following completion of a Learn to Nordic walk course take advantage of the 20 walks for the price of 15, or £6 per walk, to join small group walks in Riverside Valley Park, Ludwell Valley or King George V Playing Fields.

  • Session includes warm up and cool down stretches
  • Route of walk focused on your level, flat, hills, length pace
  • Own Nordic walking poles required
  • £6 or 20 walks for the price of 15 special offer
  • Book through the website, places are limited to 3 participants.

Technique Tweak

Spend 45 minutes working on your technique. Also for those returning to Nordic Walking, or just in need of a tweak.This is a 1:1 session. If you have already learnt to Nordic Walk but are not familiar with INWA 10 Step Teaching Method™ please book a session so I can go through the steps with you as we will practice them on our walks.

  • Cost £15 per person (bring your own poles)
  • Online booking required
  • PARQ form completed by new and returning clients