What We Offer

For individuals

Learn the Nordic Walking Technique using the INWA 10 Step Teaching Method™. Sue will teach you the technique of Nordic Walking.

Taster Sessions

A 45 minute session to understand the concept of using poles and learn about Nordic walking before booking a workshop to learn the technique.

One to One Begin Workshop

A 1:45 hour session working through the steps of the INWA 10 Step Teaching Method™.

Group Begin Workshop

A 2 hour session to introduce you to the first 7 steps of the INWA 10 Step Teaching Method™.

Group Extend Workshop

A 1:45 hour session to complete the 10 steps. Video recording helps you see your progress. Use drills to extend your technique.

Walking in Small Groups

Following the completion of a Workshop, take advantage of our special offer – 10 walks for the price of 9 – to join small group walks in Exeter, Exmouth and Powderham Castle.

Wellbeing, Social, Ripple and Rapid Nordic Walks are graded 1 hour walks. Sue will be able to help you decide which walk suits your fitness levels.

  • On a Rapid walk, we walk faster, further and climb more hills enjoying being out in the fresh air exercising.
  • On a Ripple walk, we walk at a slow to medium pace and have breaks when climbing hills, engaging with nature along the way.
  • On a Social walk, we walk at our own pace and enjoy the company of fellow walkers. Ripple and Rapid walkers are welcome.
  • On a Wellbeing walk, we take our time, sitting when needed, enjoying time with the group out in nature.

For Businesses

Exe Nordic Walking offers an introduction to Nordic Walking: learning the basic technique, as well as having some fun during the session. We do not offer corporate packages via our website, but are very happy to discuss your requirements.

  • A great way to encourage your employees to look after their fitness and well-being
  • A fun staff event or team building experience
  • An alternative format for a meeting


… then please contact Sue at to discuss your needs

For Community Groups

Exe Nordic Walking offers 4 or 6 week courses to build a community of Nordic walkers, learning, walking and making new friends over the longer period of time.


… then please contact Sue at to discuss your ideas

For you and your friends

Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs. I would love to discuss your idea, whether you are…

  • A group of friends who would like to learn together
  • Planning on going on the trek of a lifetime
  • Raising money for charity
  • Planning a birthday event, hen party or stag do


… then please contact Sue at to discuss your ideas