EXEL Nordic Pro Curve OEB QR


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The EXEL Curve pro is the first innovation in Nordic Walking poles for a decade. The curve design increases push off and reduces vibration. A powerful training tool for Nordic walkers. The EXEL Nordic Pro Curve comes in a fresh new colour this year and a new grip and strap system is perfect for adventure and training. The 100% carbon shaft makes this pole super lightweight and yet strong, perfect no matter how hard you train. Choose an All Terrain Tip for easily transitioning from grass to road or the separate Aero2 Tip + Asphalt Pad for predominantly road user. In the same striking blue as the Exel Nordic Pro OEB QR.

Price shown is for a pair of poles.


Reliable Nordic walking poles from EXEL.

  • Shaft: 100% Carbon Construction
  • Grip: OEB QR
  • Strap: OEB QR
  • Spiketip: All Terrain Tip or  Aero2 Tip + Asphalt Pad
  • Carbon Index: 100%


100-125 cm