In the Community

Our projects in the community

We’re delighted to be able to run a number of projects in Exeter and East Devon, supported by a number of local and national organisations. Find out more about what we’re doing, and how Nordic Walking has helped many people.

Nordic walkers in Cranbrook


Walks for members of the local community

Nordic Walkers in St Thomas

St Thomas, Exeter

Walks for members of the local community

Tri-hards in Exmouth

Tri-Hards, Exmouth

Four-week-long courses for members of the Tri-Hards in Exmouth

Coaver Club, Exeter

Technique workshops and walks in central Exeter


Living with Parkinson’s

Why Nordic Walking is an effective and enjoyable exercise

University of Exeter

For students and staff

Connect with others

There are many other organisations in Exeter and Devon which aim to encourage exercise outdoors and other aspects of wellbeing. You can also connect with other Nordic walkers through our Facebook group and keep in touch through our occasional newsletter.

Wellbeing in Devon

Alexander Technique, Adventure Therapy, and more

More walks in Exeter

Parkrun, Green Circle, and more

News & Press

Stories of how we’ve been active in and around Exeter and Devon



We are grateful to a number of local organisations for providing access: